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Travin has been in the plastics business for over 45 years producing the original Bench Mounted Plastic Injection Moulding Machine.

Running a plastic injection moulding machine manufacturing factory alongside a fully equipped plastic injection moulding shop producing large and low volume precision plastic parts, as well as making moulds all under the same roof, ensures the quality and overall accuracy of our machines.

Having done this as a company for over 45 years we have obtained the knowledge and expertise to build and constantly refine our machines. Although our objective has been to maintain the machines simplicity, we have not neglected the demand for a precise and accurate machine to produce high quality and accurate mouldings.

Both the TP1 and the TP2 machines hold the CE mark and a guarantee, and come complete with an instruction manual for the novice and expert alike.

Our after sales service is second to none, and we are only a phone call away for advice and recommendations for both the machines and plastics.

We can manufacture a mould to your design and supply a mould and machine as a complete working package........ready to go!

We do our best to look after our environment and as well as producing parts from highly specified plastics, where suited, we can produce quality parts from reprocessed / recycled & bio-degradable  materials. We also keep our waste plastic to a minimum & recycle where we can thus reducing our carbon footprint without compromising our quality. We  use 70% recycled packaging as well as in-house recycling on all the packaging materials we accumulate.

Comprehensive machine coverage for all your moulding needs large or small;


Here at Travin we are always looking at Biodegradable or composite substitute plastics and to counter the single use of plastics. We re-use 95% of our plastics through our process and are always looking to cut down on the waste.




We adhere to a strictquality control regime and believe one of the best answers to customer satisfaction is through quality and reliabilty.

Our entire team here at Travin have many years experience within their field of work and are fully trained and kept up to date with new technology and plastics innovations as well as the lastest technological advancements to assist with production.

Following completion of the mould, samples are produced and are quality checked against drawings and/ or prototypes for quality and accuracy which are then submitted for customer approval.

Upon full production mouldings are repeatedly checked against drawings and/or "go-no-go" gauges as to ensure quality and accuracy.

Our computerised database holds comprehensive data records for each job. Fully detailed setting sheets containing machine and mould settings are kept as to ensure accuracy and consistancy throughout production runs.

All machine, measuring and machining equipment are checked periodically using set aside measuring equipment/ gauges, all of which hold a certificate of conformity and are set aside solely for this purpose and are also periodically tested for accuracy.

We are a family run business and hold many years experience in the protyping stages of an idea as well as the production of plastic moulded products, high or low volume.

We also manufactuer Plastic Injection Moulding Machines and feel that over the years of doing so we have obtained a specialist knowledge of the moulding process and are 100% confident we can supply the mouldings to accomodate full customer satifiaction.

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