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plastic mould machine tp1 offer travin plastics plastic mould machine sussex uk

Offer Includes

- TP2

- 1 upgraded Omron Dial temperature display
- 1 two plate mould

- 1 2kg raw plastic granule
- 1 spares pack


Up to 1000 times faster than 3D printing !


  • 32 Gram shot weight (maximum) 29cm Capacity
  • Nickel Plated barrel
  • Voltage - 230/240 or 110 volts
  • Temperature - Energy regulator control with reference dial (standard)
  • Heater Capacity - 600 watts
  • 4" dia x 6" Stroke Cylinder (TP2)
  • 6" Vice opening - maximum
  • Platens - 4" x 3"
  • Mould Opening: 2"
  • Mould can be bolted or floating in machine
  • Clamping pressure 4.5 ton approx via toggle system
  • 25mm ID barrel offering internal sprung loaded non return valve with platicising spreader
  • 25mm OD fully hardened nickel plated plunger
  • Machine dimensions: Base - 12" x 18"
  • TP2 Height - 29"
  • TP2 = 100 pounds of pull = 4400 at nozzle


The adjustable quick action vice was designed for fast and effective production. One movement of the vice handle opens the vice and ejects the mouldings by a cam (or for the longer mouldings, by two side ejecters fitted in the upright pillars). The top half of the machine is on slides to accommodate different mould widths. The machine is fitted with an interlocked guard.


Easy and simple to operate. It enables 1 man to set simple and inexpensive tooling. Running costs and maintenance are low. It has a double ejection system.

What will the machines produce 

Both machines will produce an item weighing up to 32 grams ,   about 29cm3
Which could be about the size of phone , They will produce any thermo plastic
rubbers , polypropylene , abs , nylons , clear plastics , etc ..... They will produce
items such as pen tops , boxes , plates , tags , lens , test pieces such as 200mm
long test bars ,flexural test pieces , electrical , automotive parts ,caps threads as 
well as over mouldings  etc 

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TP2 Specifications pdf_link_plastics


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Package Price

plus vat delivery

Save over
£385 on RRP


plastic mould quality products travin uk
Omron Dial temperature display

plastic mould quality products travin uk
Two Plate mould
plastic mould quality products travin uk
2kg raw plastic granules

plastic mould quality products travin uk
Spares Pack

plastic mould quality products travin uk SPARES IN STOCK